Remember back to 2009, when Basement Jaxx told us to “do your thing”. Well, we think it’s as good advice as any and so it seems, does Emma and Stephen – a couple who were happy to do it all a little bit differently.

£I’m a terrible introvert so it was really important for me to have a small, unassuming wedding. I also avoided a lot of the wedding traditions that put extra focus on the bride (and groom) and instead aimed for a very communal atmosphere—, says Emma.

Nevertheless, their day at Summerlees Estate, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, was as magnificent as any other. In a Fleur Wood gown, Zimmerman shoes and makeup by Liv Lundelius, Emma looked beautiful with a scene of rolling hills and bright coloured peacocks behind her.

£Not everyone got the whole non-bride thing—, she says but what they did get was live music, performed by Steve’s brother, a delicious cake, made by Emma and a close friend and a lolly bar courtesy of Steve, not to mention some pretty awesome stationery from our friends at Simplethings Press.

Photographer Anna Turner was there to capture the relaxed vibe of their down-to-earth wedding, where everyone enjoyed delicious wine and good food by PB Catering. For Emma and Steve the best bit by far was getting to celebrate not only their love for each other but for all their family and friends as well. Perhaps their From The Owl cake topper said it best… And so the adventure begins.

Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding2 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding3 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding4 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding5 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding6 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding7 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding8 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding9 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding10 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding11 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding12 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding13 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding14 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding15 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding16 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding17 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding18 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding19 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding20 From-the-owl-Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding4 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding22 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding23 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding25 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding26 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding27 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding28 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding29 From-the-owl-Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding42 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding31 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding32 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding33 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding34 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding35 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding36 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding37 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding38 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding39 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding40 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding41 From-the-owl-Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding43 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding43 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding44 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding45 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding46 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding47 Fleur-Wood-Summerlees-country-wedding48

CREDITS Photos Anna Turner // Bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses Fleur Wood // Shoes Zimmerman // Rings Diamond Emporium and Laresen Jewellery // Groom and groomsmen suits, shirts and shoes Country Road // Ties Marcello Neckwear via Etsy and Asos // Ceremony St Francis Xavier Church, New South Wales // Reception Summerlees Estate // Catering PB Catering // Stationary Simplethings Press // Hair Sensoria // Makeup Liv Lundelius