It was love at first site when record label manager Emma and all round creative genius Tim first laid eyes on each other. After a whirl wind romance of just 5 months they were engaged and here we are two years later, sharing their rather excellent handmade wedding with you.

Emma, being the crafty lass she is got down and dirty with her nearest and dearest making every detail of this gorgeous wedding with her own two hands. Everything from the bonbonniere (home made jam) to the picnic blankets (patchwork quilts) where made by Em, Tim and their band of merry helpers. “We really wanted to share things we like doing together with our friends and family. Things like picnics, baking, fine dining with nice wines, ass-shaking blues gospel and soul music, playing games in the sunshine. It wasn’t about trying to follow any trends or appeal to anyone else but us. We are just creative people in every day life so it turned out to be somewhat of a DIY handmade wedding”

Photographer Justin Aaron, capturer of light and love, is well known on the east coast for being rather excellent himself and was a natural choice to immortalise Em and Tim’s big day on film, or pixels as technology would have it. His laid back, unobtrusive approach and ability to weave a beautiful narrative through his detailed shots suited this mellow couple to a tee.

Centennial Park in Sydney offered some great locations for portraits. Em says “We wanted a magical place and when we stumbled upon an amazing old Port Jackson fig tree with a natural canopy, we knew it was perfect”. Throwing tradition out the window Em and Tim got together with their friends before the ceremony to decorate‚Ķ Hand made bunting and paper cranes were strung from tree to tree, trestle tables were set up with home made baked goods. We love their cake (which of course they made them selves) and Em very bravely carried to the ceremony on her lap in the car! When it was all over everyone pitched in to pack up and move on down to The Book Kitchen in Surrey Hills to decorate all over again – What can we say folks, with friends like these who needs a stylist!

So why a restaurant for a reception venue? Emma, who tied the knot in a gorgeous Kitsch Bitsch gown, tells us “Because we both share a massive love for books and good food. It’s one of our favourite restaurants in Sydney and they use mostly organic, seasonal and local fare. The owners are the nicest couple and they were so amazing to deal with from the moment we walked in to make an enquiry”

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CREDITS Photos Justin Aaron // Bridal gown Kitsch Bitsch // Flowers Flemington Flower Markets // Ceremony Centennial Park // Reception and catering The Book Kitchen // Guest book Fuji Film // Grooms suit Tweedmans// Tie enVie72, Etsy //Rings Sydney Antique Centre.