Let’s have a quick brainstorm. What’s the worst possible thing that could happen just moments before an outdoor wedding ceremony starts? Just ask Felicity (of the Real Wedding Special) who kept her cool (big props to her!) despite Mother Nature’s decision to crash the party.

£As I walked down the aisle and the rain began to fall, I was overcome by an incredible sense of calm, the wind dropped off and river glassed over and all the stress and anxiety I’d been feeling in the lead up to the wedding melted away with the rain. And then we just ran with it, frizzy hair and all!—

The ceremony wasn’t the only time the weather had it’s way with the wedding. A trip to the Sydney Flower Markets to grab blooms for the reception went awry when the car immobiliser broke and the flowers were locked in the car for four long hours on a 40 degree day! Thankfully, they were fine (phew!) and the arrangements put together by Felicity’s bridesmaids were absolutely incredible.

Determined that the actual wedding day would be less stressful than the lead up, Felicity and Carrick set their sights on creating an intimate, real, casual and fun festival of love by drawing inspiration from the venue, Bundanon Trust, and its surroundings.

To achieve this Felicity tells us, £We chose a shared table menu of whole joints of meat and seafood from , a personalised, humorous and honest ceremony by Jane Zwar and a great band – The Swaggers, who had the dance floor pumping before dinner had even been served,— adding that showcasing their £killer dance moves— was the only tradition they really focused on keeping.

Once the night drew to a close and last drinks were called, the whole experience left these two crazy cats with some seriously super newfound knowledge (and some amazing pics thanks to John Benevente) that they’re more than happy to pass on to other brides and grooms-to-be: £Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s amazing how every minute detail that seemed so important in the lead up, no longer matters on the day,— the pair tell us. £Enjoy it! – dance, laugh, cry and be yourself it really is the best day of your life.—

Keen to see more super awesome weddings like this one? Grab a copy of Issue 13 at your local newsagent!

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CREDITS Photos John Benevente // Bridal gown Alex Mearing // Shoes Senso // Florist Gypsy Flora and Sydney Flower Markets // Jewellery/accessories Holly Ryan // Hair The Holliewood Hair // Makeup Liv Slee // Rings Artemer and Lee Brennan Design //
Bridesmaid dresses Seed, Camilla and Marc, Anna Quan and Life With Bird // Bridesmaids shoes Funkis // Grooms suit and shoes Calibre // Groomsmen suits Oxford // Ceremony and reception Bundanon Trust, NSW // Catering and cheese tower Duck, Duck, Goose Catering // Prop and furniture hire Blessed Days and Timbermill Rentals // Entertainment The Swaggers // Celebrant Jane Zwar // Transport Stuarts Coaches.