After seeing Euroa Butter Factory in Victoria – now a fabulous country retreat, Fiona and Jono couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. Wanting to create a “relaxed garden party with a rocking dance floor”, they realised early on it was a job for the whole family.

Jono’s mother made beautiful the soaps for their wedding wedding favours while Fiona’s sister designed their invitations, signage and floral arrangements. “One of things I loved most about our wedding was that most people who had a leading part were friends”, says Fiona referring in particular to Gin of Trophy Wife.

Although she didn’t know Lucy and Alistair of She Takes Pictures He Makes Films beforehand, they were best buddies by the end. “They captured the essence of the day, and made sure everyone was included. They fitted in with the atmosphere and contributed to the party… And their work is incredible!”

What really stood out about their day however was Fiona’s tea length dress by Marry Me Bridal. “I had always liked the idea of a shorter dress (mainly because I would have most likely have fallen over in a long one)…”, says Fiona lightheartedly.

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CREDITS Photos and cinematography She Takes Pictures He Makes Films // Bridal gown Wendy Makin via Marry Me Bridal // Veil Percy Handmade // Shoes Panache Bridal Shoes // Hair and makeup Trophy Wife // Bridesmaid dresses Zimmerman and Rodeo Show // Bridesmaid shoes Forever New // Bridesmaid gifts Witchery and David Jones // Grooms suit M.J. Bale // Groom and groomsmen pants Industrie // Bow ties B. Ties // Grooms shoes Aquila // Socks and groomsmen gifts Happy Socks // Flowers Grown Florist // Ceremony, reception and catering Euroa Butter Factory, VIC // Signage The Letter Kate // Rings and accessories Cameron & Co // Celebrant Damon Hughes Marriage Celebrant.