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When David, a primary school teacher and Flick, a children’s book illustrator, decided to tie the knot, there was no doubt it was going to be a bright and fun filled wedding!

Flick tells us “the lead up to the wedding was really enjoyable. We wanted to create a fun party that captured who we are as a couple but also have enough excitement and surprises for all our guests to enjoy. We both had so many ideas, some that were successful and some that never eventuated. But at the end of the day, our main focus was on the fact that we were finally getting married and thats all that mattered.”

Of the theme Flick explains “Both being lovers of children’s literature, the day featured many of our favourite picture books that were read during the ceremony and used for quotes and table features during the reception. Our invitation was also a children’s book that told the story of us as little popcorn characters.”

Photographed by Lisa and Pete of And A Day photography did a bang up job of capturing the fun filled relaxed vibe as Flick waltzed down the aisle, at Belgenny Farm, in a gorgeous vintage gown from Forever Vintage. Loving the look of Flicks shoes? So are we! She designed them herself online with the help of Milk and Honey! Pretty awesome idea if you are struggling to find the perfect dancing shoe!

Keen to see more work from Lisa and Pete? Be sure to check out Liz and Nich’s wedding in issue three of Hello May magazine, on sale now. Click here for your nearest stockist!

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CREDITS Photos And A Day // Bridal gown Forever Vintage // Shoes Milk and Honey // Flowers A and L florist // Rings Michael Hill and Mondail // Bridesmaids shirts Forever New // Bridesmaids skirts Gigi’s Fairy Fashion // Grooms suit and shoes Roger David // Ceremony, reception and catering Belgenny Farm Camden // Cake Bravo Gelato // Celebrant Margaret Glavin // Transport Chevy Weddings // Cinematographers High Tea films.