Of all people, it was Genevieve’s boss who gave away Kane’s plan to propose. £Gen’s boss was a family friend and I had sent him a message and asked him if she could have a day off so I could take her away and surprise her—, explains Kane, first seen in the Real Wedding Special. £Little did I know he had mistakenly read the message out loud and Gen knew everything? Of course she didn’t tell me she knew until after I proposed. We stayed in Hepburn Springs. She said yes!—

Unfortunately for this pair, it wasn’t the only thing that didn’t quite go according to plan. Six months before the big day, their venue decided to spontaneously shut up shop, leaving Genevieve and Kane in the lurch. Luckily the Rifle Brigade Hotel in Bendigo, Victoria, had recently had a facelift and was available on their desired date. “We were a little hesitant as it was the first big’ wedding they had up there but it went off without a hitch and were beyond happy with our decision to have it there,” explains Gen.

Wanting their day to be as relaxed as possible, they resolved to keep things simple, with photos by I Got You Babe Weddings. “People really don’t notice every single detail—, says Gen who chose to incorporate only a few key elements including flowers by Frankie O’s Flower Emporium, good food, a bucketload of fairy lights and of course, their seven and half month old son Lenny.

“Even though I love to get crafty I really wanted to keep things as simple as possible and not put too much pressure on myself, having Lenny to look after really takes up most of my time!”

Taking the same laid-back attitude while looking for her dress, Gen tells us, “I have always been a massive fan of the label Lover, and also long sleeves and high necks. So as soon as I saw this dress I knew it was mine. The style was very me’ and most importantly I felt so comfortable wearing it.”

Kane certainly liked how she looked on the day too, telling us, “my favourite memory was seeing Gen walk in with her dad, she looked absolutely stunning and in that moment I knew I was about to marry the love of my life, it was a very good feeling.”

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