Georgia and Lachie were hanging at home on a Saturday morning when Lachie told her that he had taught their dog, Archie Boy, a new trick which involved carrying household items to one person and then back.

“After Archie had demonstrated the trick with a set of allen keys and an iPhone, Archie brought a new item to me and dropped a ring box at my feet  and then Lachie dropped a knee!”

Held at Lachie’s family property in Victoria, the couple tells us there was nowhere else in the world they could’ve imagined getting married. “It was a spring wedding and I wanted to have a clean and fresh aesthetic. My stylist Kate Adkins at Events by Kate had a lot of really fantastic ideas and we collaborated to create my dream wedding vibe,” explains Georgia, who wore a custom One Day Bridal gown and veil.

“I fell in love with the sheer lace fabric immediately and was very excited by the idea of the ice blue silk lining. On the day the dress felt truly ethereal and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” says the bride, whose favourite moment was the surprise a cappella choir when she and Lachie walked back down the aisle.

“Lachie and my favourite movie is Love Actually and he had hired a choir to sing ‘All You Need Is Love’ from the church scene in that movie!” Captured by The White Tree (who also provided music for the day), the pair’s biggest piece of advice to others soon to be hitched is to take dance lessons.

“It was the best part of our wedding preparation where we could take out to do something fun together without any stress. I have never laughed so hard as watching Lachie try to twist his 6—6 frame into an almost believable John Travolta impression.”

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