It all began 13 years ago when this pair first met. On the evening of their 11th anniversary, Tristian asked their daughter Alivia, “Will you take this ring to mummy and ask her if she will marry me?”

Georgia of course, said yes and we’re so glad she did because their wedding turned out to be the kind that warms the soul. “I can remember sitting amongst the flowers with my Grandma when I was eight, telling her I would be married in this garden and so we were, on that very spot”, said Georgia.

With two children themselves, their garden-inspired wedding was very family focused and proof that DIY doesn’t equal daggy. The wedding invitations, table runners, confetti bags, lighting, signs and jams, as well as Gerogia’s hair, makeup, flowers and wedding cake were all done by talented family members and dear friends.

Her sweet, short lace dress however, was left to designer Chanelle Giannino. “I had the vision of my perfect dress and it was not something I could locate”, Georgia said. “Channelle was able to recreate exactly what I was after, from the colour and texture of my lace, down to the pearl beading”.

Georgia had also requested a non-traditional bridal dance. Her dad, unbeknown to her, organised for her Uncle and his friend, along with The Missfits to play “Georgia on my mind” – a song she’d grown up believing was written about her. “It was a very special and emotional moment for us”, she said.

And one she will never forget thanks to Pierre Curry who was there to capture every moment of their special day.

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