Hana admits that she was shocked when Jeremy proposed, but the surprises didn’t end there. Just two months after their engagement, Hana found out some even bigger (and totally amazing) news? that she was pregnant! £This made the lead up to the wedding pretty relaxed as I think I was so distracted with all the baby things it kind of took my mind off all wedding things”, she says.

£My main thing was that I really wanted it to be about us and reflect what is important to us – really good food, really good music, and really good people. I wanted it to be like a massive family lunch where everyone is super relaxed and laughing and super full,— says Hana, who hoped her and Jeremy’s wedding would be like one of the epic family picnics she remembered attending as a kid – but with heaps of pretty flowers from The Flower Drum and of course, a few personal, handmade pieces.

From the place cards that were hand painted by Hana’s sister, to the cakes baked by friends and family, to their backyard reception at Jeremy’s father’s house, these New South Wales nuptials were full of love. £We wouldn’t have been able to have the day we had if it wasn’t for all our beautiful family and friends!—

Their incredible photos were captured by Martine Payne and now serve as proof that Hana looked completely flawless in her Johanna Johnson skirt from start to finish. £I freaked out over how insane the skirt was,— she explains. £I’m so happy with how it ended up looking and am so in love with that skirt!— says Hana who was gorgeous and glowing for the entire evening!

To see more incredible work from Martine Payne click here and here! You can also spy more gorgeous designs by Johanna Johnson in issue eight of Hello May, on sale now at selected newsagents nationally or online via Mag Nation.

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CREDITS Photos Martine Payne // Bridal gown Johanna Johnson // Hair piece and flowers The Flower Drum // Shoes River Island // Rings Leah Dawkins // Groomsmen suits ASOS // Ceremony Florence Park, NSW // Reception Private property, NSW // Catering Steven Koster // Cake Mavournee Georgeson // Cookie sandwiches Frozen Dough Co. // Prop hire Vintage Patina // Plates and cutlery StudioARTOHOLIC // Stationery Mia Taninaka // Hair and makeup Desiree Wise // Music Johnny Ladd DJ // Celebrant Oni Blecher.