Hannah and Micah (of the Real Wedding Special) admit they’re not proper’ or elegant’ people by any means. A church ceremony and fancy smancy restaurant reception just wouldn’t suit them and they knew it.

£We’re messy, silly, fun, warm, kinda random and big on food. That’s why we had giant Jenga and Connect Four, why we got married in a barn, why we went with All-You-Can-Eat pizza, why we had pineapples people could take home and why we had Motown playing all night long,— says the couple, who may or may not have (they totally did) stuffed a few dozen slices of their amazing wedding cake into an empty pizza box to take back to their hotel room.

An 11 month engagement also meant 11 months of DIY goodness. The pair held a can drive and gathered over 200 cans and spray painted them gold, dipped 100 jars in gold glitter, hand-sewed all 200 napkins, sanded and burnt the names of all 200 guests onto wooden coasters, and hosted an assembly line to make mini cookie jars for their favours.

£Let’s just say we’re done with DIY projects for the next little while,— jokes Hannah, whose favourite moment of the day began once everyone was seated.

£Our musician friend surprised us by playing a little ditty on the guitar, to which our MCs proceeded to lead the entire marquee of our 200 guests in a gigantic singalong to a song we used to sing when we were kids. A tent full of your favourite people singing a song from your childhood is pretty awesome!—

While the newlyweds confess they’re really glad they took dance lessons to avoid some £awkward freestyle dancing,— they were also over the moon with their choice of photographer. £Shane Shepherd was rad. He made the effort to get to know us as a couple. He helped us jump fences to some pretty amazing locations, but reminded us that in the end, as amazing as any location may be, it’s about the connection that the couple share.—

And man, do these guys share a great connection, telling us the secret of what marriage REALLY means: £Farts in bed with no shame and having your Maccas run buddy there 24/7!— Boom!

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