With no specific theme in mind, Hannah and Scott set out to plan a day that was both timeless and classic. “I didn’t want to look back in five years and question my colour choices  so everything from the stationery to the flowers was white with neutral tones. White flowers are my absolute favourite so this set the tone for everything.”

With a talented team by their side, including Food & Desire, Burch & Purchese and celebrant Sally Howard, the pair tells us planning their day was surprisingly cruisy. “Scott and I were so relaxed in the lead up to our wedding (thanks to my terrifying levels of organisation) that we got through two and a half seasons of ‘Suits’ in the week prior to our wedding. There was just nothing left to do so we took Netflix and chill’ to a whole new level,” explains Hannah, who rocked a Jane Hill Bridal gown.

“I had two rules for my dress  no strapless designs and no big frou-frou. I had seen the dress of my dreams (Fleur by Jane Hill) on Instagram and already decided that it was the one. I went to try it on and was so relieved that it worked for me! I tried a couple of others on at Jane Hill but I always knew Fleur was the one. I think my friends were disappointed we didn’t get to do laps of High Street Armadale but for me it was a no-brainer,” she tells us, adding that Lilli of I Got You Babe Weddings was the lady behind the lens – leaving Hannah and Scott with memories to last a lifetime.

While the couple admits that when the actual day comes, you don’t think about all the ins and ends of the planning process, they did say that marriage was the best decision they’ve ever made. “looking at each other and knowing that we’ve got each other’s backs, in every situation, for the rest of our lives!”

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