We’re suckers for a good DIY-filled wedding so Hannah and Shaun’s New South Wales celebration was just our cup of tea. From stationery to decor to even props and furniture, these two took Do-It-Yourself to new heights.

“What wasn’t DIY? Cocktails, catering and photography. EVERYTHING else was done by the large tribe that is our extended families. It made it much more authentic in the end,” explains Hannah, who found her photographer Eric Ronald through – whad’ya know – Hello May (you can see his work featured here and here).

“I loved his work instantly. I loved that it wasn’t just about capturing a a wedding’ but it was about capturing and documenting an experience and feeling.” Held at Hannah’s mum’s place, the day was an eclectic mix of up cycled, industrial and colourful bits and pieces plus some tasty beverages from the boys at Trolley’d.

Hanging flowers and veggies were the go for this fitness instructor bride – but being a girl more about fitness than fashion made finding the right wedding gown difficult. “I’m not really a dress girl, l spend most of my time in gym gear. Sue was recommended by a friend and she was one of the best decisions I made, she was simply lovely.”

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CREDITS Photos Eric Ronald // Bridal gown Sue Bishell // Shoes Bardot // Accessories Etsy // Rings Helen Mok // Suit Myer // Shirt Ben Sherman // Tie / Bow tie // Shoes Windsor Smith // Socks Dangerfield // Ceremony and reception private property, NSW // Catering and cake Matunga’s Personal Chef Services // Cocktails Trolley’d // Entertainment Eddie Boyd, Laim and Jenny Denny, The Mere Cats, Rachael Shead and TB4G // Celebrant Laura Craddock.