Blake and Harmony’s proposal couldn’t be more perfect in our eyes. On a rainy Sunday morning Blake left Harmony in bed to head out for a surf. After a moment or two, the song ‘Something’ by The Beatles began playing on the record player…Knowing this was a special song for the two of them, and wondering why he’d start the vinyl on the second track, Harmony ran out to the living room to see Blake down on one knee and huge bunch of flowers.. a then he popped the question!

If you’ve met this dynamic duo, you’d know that laid back and chilled out is there style, the pair adding they’d always imagined their wedding to be a casual affair in a backyard. Despite their 11 month engagement they admit they didn’t start planning until two months out!

Unsurprisingly Harmony’s dress hunt was about an non traditional as possible. On a night out with friends she discovered the gown online and purchased it right there and then. “We were out with friends playing trivia at the pub. And I wasn’t even engaged yet! I saw it, and thought.. I’d get married in that’. So I bought it, and never tried on another dress.” The stunning lace gown is by sister design duo Macgraw, one of Australia’s top fashion exports.

Going with the first vendors they spoke with, Harmony mentioned they more or less already knew the incredible creatives involved, including the sensational powers behind The Sisters floristry whose ethereal work turned this backyard wedding into a secret garden. “The over head hanging greenery was so unbelievable and set such a beautiful scene for everyone to dance under.”

Matt Godkin was there to photograph the festivities, and boy does it look like they had a ball!

On the list of their DIY endeavours was the bar Blake made during the lead up to their day. They also worked on an epic playlist, Harmony adding they’d worked months on the music, “it was so much fun finally getting to hear it from start to finish and feeling our friends energy, loving it as much as we did.”

Thinking about hosting a backyard wedding? Check out this gorgeous low key affair, get a little dress inspo from our recent issue 14 editorial and suss out some more incredible work from our pals, The Sisters.

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