With a brief of “fun, eclectic and colourful”, Heidy and Dylan set out to create a fun-filled day at Nedlands Yacht Club in Perth, with Amanda Alessi for Yeah Weddings there to capture all the magic.

After securing a venue that would allow a marquee and food truck, the couple recruited Swan Marquees as well as some amazing eats from Milly’s Catering and Paitumaca – not to mention pink glitter doughnut favours from Glazed & Confused!

While Heidy and Dylan agree that choosing a favourite memory from the day is nearly impossible, the bride tells us that picking out her Rachel Gilbert and Molten Store was a no-brainer.

“I knew I wanted something non white, sparkly with a floral element and ended up finding the one after trying on several dresses,” she explains, before adding that marriage hasn’t changed much in the newlyweds’ relationship.

“We definitely do not feel or want to be like a married old couple where we try to remember to have fun in everything we do no matter if it’s doing the laundry to travelling the world together. I guess we’re just lucky that we’re two big kids who have found each other.”

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CREDITS Photos Amanda Alessi for Yeah Weddings // Event planner / Stylist Dropsitch // Florist Everbloom // Stationery Flat White Paper // Printer Imatec // Ceremony and reception Nedlands Yacht Club, WA // Catering Milly’s Catering // Food trucks and carts Paitumaca // Other desserts Lil York Van // Cake topper Ruby Rabbit Party // Decorative elements Claire Mueller // Wedding favours Glazed & Confused and TROCADEROkraft via Etsy // Prop and furniture hire Turtle & the Pelican and Project Blak // Marquee Swan Marquees // Lighting hire Micktrics // Celebrant Danicia Quinlan Ceremonies // Rings Tayha Designs // Bridal gown Rachel Gilbert // Hair piece Molten Store // Shoes YOOX and Rochessa // Hair Denise Lace Artistry // Makeup Rebecca Collins // Suit MJ Bale // Tie / Bow tie and shoes ASOS // Socks Trenery.