Many of us girls begin planning our weddings when we’re young, dreaming up the epic day filled with a monstrous cake and out-of-this-world florals. Lucky enough for Holly, her childhood vision, inspired by her auntie’s garden wedding, came to life when she married Jan.

“The garden had intricate pathways, slightly overgrown with rose bushes, and a stream, with a huge weeping willow tree, which was lit up by thousands of fairy lights. It was absolutely magical and has stuck in my mind ever since,” says Holly, who went for a mix of bright and beautiful for the shindig held at Merribee (and catered by Duck Duck Goose) in New South Wales.

With that in mind, Holly decided to find a gown that would colour her world. Bridal and evening wear designer Genevieve Lee, was the perfect prospect, creating a silk ivory gown with an orange lace overlay. “I didn’t want a white wedding dress, as I’m not much of a traditional person,” the bride explained, though she admits they did perform one customary service – a naming ceremony for their son, Kai.

Trekking all the way from Germany, it was the first time Jan’s family was meeting the little one so naturally the entire day was filled with emotional and intimate moments which thanks to Nina Claire Photography, Holly and Jan will have forever.

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CREDITS Photos Nina Claire Photography // Bridal gown Genevieve Lee // Shoes Midas // Rings Helen Plumb // Bridesmaids dresses Scanlan & Theodore // Flower girl dress Tessuti Fabric // Grooms suit and shoes Calibre // Ceremony and reception Merribee, NSW // Catering Duck Duck Goose // Prop / furniture hire Vintage Patina // Decorative elements Freedom and Ikea // Hair and makeup Linda West // Entertainment Wheely Bin Sound System // Celebrant Nicky Solomon.