“Josh and I met at the beginning of 2014, creating what was not dissimilar to a big romantic encounter in a movie, almost love at first sight,” bride-to-be Holly tells us. “We dated soon after, and although we were young, we knew this was something truly special.”

With only a couple of day’s notice, Michelle Fiona Photography pencilled in an engagement shoot with Holly and Josh. Captured in a little-known place called Bombo, just outside of Kiama, NSW, Michelle greeted her newest clientele puffing from the extensive adventure she’d just embarked on to scout out the perfect location.

Leading the way down a self-made trail, Michelle revealed a lush, soft grass and optimum lighting. “We felt confident in her eye for detail and skills, and our confidence was not displaced,” says the couple, who was so incredibly pleased with their experience with Michelle. “We are so grateful to have such beautiful images which capture our love, for the rest of our lives.”

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CREDITS Photos Michelle Fiona Photography.