Indi had known for a while that Jackson was the man she wanted to marry. But when he finally did pop the question she had no idea what she wanted to wear. After months of visiting bridal boutiques however, she finally found The Dress – a stunning Jenny Packham masterpiece that made every hour she’d spent searching worthwhile. Indi tells us, “I was about to book a trip to Melbourne when I went to one final dress shop in Perth. As soon as I walked into the bridal room I saw the dress… I tried it on and it was perfect. Unfortunately the dress was out of my budget but I knew I was getting it. After a few conversations with Jacko on how we could save money in other areas the dress was MINE. Jacko’s first words to me when he saw me were ‘THAT DRESS’.

Her bridemaids also looked amazing in their Anna Campbell designs and Her Handpicked Harvest did a bloomin’ good job of decorating their reception venue. “My two favourite things are historic buildings and festoon lighting! We chose to do cocktail style as all we wanted was a big party and for people to mingle and have fun. The theme was a mixture of vintage, 1920’s glam”, says Indi.

Held at  Lamont’s Bishop House in Perth, a historic home built in the 1800’s, Glenn and Lauren from Still Love arrived earlier with their lenses to shoot a “First Look” with the glowing couple at a creative space nearby named Venn. “It was a really lovely part of the day, where Indi and Jack were so excited to see each other, and you could tell they really loved having that quality time together, just the two of them, before the ceremony” says Lauren.

They arrived at the reception in Jackson’s pop’s cars where guests later enjoyed desserts baked by friends and family members and a surprise guitar performance by Jackson. The MC also made sure everyone was highly entertained. Indi explains, “our venue had a fishpond, which had a stage set up over it for the DJ and speeches. When our MC got up to introduce the speeches he took one step too many backwards and feel straight into the water, he was soaking wet. It was SO funny. After the crowd eventually stopped laughing, he then just carried on with introducing people to the stage”.

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CREDITS Photos Still Love // Bridal gown Jenny Packham // Hair piece Elle // Shoes Wittner // Flowers The Wild Peony // Rings Miles Henderson // Bridesmaids dresses Anna Campbell // Grooms and groomsmen suits and ties Politix// Pre-ceremony Venn // Ceremony, reception and catering Lamont’s Bishop House, Western Australia // Styling  Her Handpicked Harvest // Lighting Reece’s Event Hire // Stationary Minted // Hair Michelle Piazza // Makeup Brook Clarson Parker // Music Howie Morgan and DJ Ben De Rosa // Celebrant Sally Riemann // Transport privately owned