While on a study trip to Europe, history buff Giancarlo (AKA Johnny) planned to propose at the famous bunkers at the Normandy beaches… much to Isabel’s surprise. “I was in such shock that I didn’t say yes at first, I simply burst into tears and said, ‘I don’t know!’ not quite the answer he was after, but it all worked out in the end with a giant YES carved into the sand on the beach later that day.”

Aiming to keep everything as local as possible, the pair stopped in for coffee and a croissant one morning at Melbourne’s East Elevation where they noticed a sign (possibly from heaven?!) stating that they now do functions. “We emailed for more information, and they were so helpful and accommodating we knew that it was the perfect place for us,” explains Isabel and Johnny, who add that the wedding was heavily influenced by the Art Deco era, one of their favourite time periods.

Captured by PM Calvert, the decor featured cream with hints of gold, scattered candles and tonnes of food but the bride assures us that the flowers were the real star of the show. “The flowers were the highlight; the team at Cecilia Fox was wonderful. They took my simple brief and colour selection and made it something much more.”

Taking on quite a few of the DIY projects herself (she made the rings, her earrings, the invitations and more!), finding the perfect dress was a “major exercise,” Isabel tells us. But to fret, despite the stress of the ultimate hunt she looked absolutely stunning in her Lover gown.

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CREDITS Photos PM Calvert // Bridal gown Lover // Shoes Zomp // Hair Mofo Hair // Makeup Sarah Tripp // Suit and shirt Oscar Hunt // Tie Calibre // Cufflinks and scarf Saba // Shoes Aquila // Socks and flower girls David Jones // Watch Stockwatch // Florist Cecilia Fox // Ceremony Saint Carthage?Ž“s University Parish, VIC // Reception and catering East Elevation, VIC // Other desserts Macarons by Josephine and Monsieur Truffe // Cake plate and dessert plates MUD Australia.