First seen in Issue 12, Bella and David’s wedding started off with a bang? literally. The couple tells us that, though they felt like they won the jackpot with all of their vendors, their photographer Alex Motta of Motta Weddings really takes the cake for dealing with disaster like a pro.

£A car crashed into his as he was on the way to our wedding. Rather than cancelling (which would have been totally understandable) he got his wife to come and swap cars, as his was totalled, then kept driving to Castlemaine, turns up with a big smile on his face looking very dapper, charms all the guests and took the most incredible photos! We were absolutely floored.—

For Bella, picturesque Castlemaine as the ceremony location wasn’t just the luck of the draw. £My dad passed away four years ago and the house in Castlemaine was one of our favourite places to spend time together as a family, so I always had it in my head to get married there. It meant my dad felt really present,— explains Bella, who envisioned an endless supply of food, wine, music (and love!) for her big day.

Non-traditional from the get-go, the bride found her wedding gown under some unlikely circumstances. £I went to buy eyeliner and walked out with a dress! I knew I was never going to be a white dress girl (white dresses and red mallee gravel don’t work!) but I still wanted something that felt really glamorous and special. I wandered into Carla Zampatti and, as a short person, the dress let me have the glamorous, sweeping skirt without feeling swamped. AND IT HAD POCKETS! It was so comfy and totally perfect for the day, and was excellent on the dance floor,— says Bella, though one of the flower girls wasn’t quite as cool with her get-up.

£Pipa, the littlest flower girl, wasn’t having a bar of the dress and shoes? or clothing in general in the run up to the wedding, she’s a total nudist. So we have some really funny photos of her having a few tantrums, which we will be saving for her 18th! Ironically on the day she just put the dress, flowers and shoes on and was a total dream!—

Perfect little Pipa wasn’t the only dream-like aspect of Bella and David’s day. They tell us that walking into dinner could be summed up in one word? whoa!’ £Everyone just cheered and clapped, and the noise was like this wave hitting us. We just held hands and let it wash over us and looked at each other like this is nuts in the best possible way’. Everyone just kept cheering and we both felt so loved.— Which is what a wedding day is all about, really.

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CREDITS Photos Motta Weddings // Bridal gown Carla Zampatti // Flower crown Castlemaine Floristry // Shoes Hermanns and Christine Accessories // Accessories and grooms ring Ivana Perkins // Rings Anna Davern and e.g etal // Hair and barber / grooming Follikel // Bridesmaid dresses Portmans // Bridesmaid shoes Novo // Bridesmaid gifts e.g etal // Suit David Jones // Shirt, tie and pocket square Henry Bucks // Shoes RM Williams // Socks Icebreaker // Florist Castlemaine Floristry and Katie Marx Flowers // Stationery Judy Holding // Printer Impact Digital // Ceremony Private property, VIC // Reception Butterland Newstead, VIC // Catering Monsieur Pierre // Decorative elements Weave Art Change, Queen Bee and Moonlight Candles // Prop and furniture hire Bendigo Hire, Dann Event Hire and Di Simmons // Lighting / sound hire DJ Warehouse Hire // Entertainment DJ Nikki Sarafian //Celebrant Forever After // Transport Castlemaine Bus Lines.