Jackie and Gerrard have proved that weddings don’t always have to be what people expect. Some DIY decorations, delicious desserts and 20 of their closest friends and family was enough for them to create their perfect day.

Jackie tells us, “we made a mutual decision to get married, as a commitment to each other. There was no traditional engagement period or proposal. We wanted a small, intimate wedding that allowed us to spend time with all of our guests, and being able to enjoy ourselves!”

Held at Gerrard’s childhood home in Essendon, Victoria, him and Jackie’s day had a very casual vibe. “There was plenty of DIY, the bunting hung from the house was hand sown by the groom’s mother, the table decorations and flowers were purchased and arranged by the groom and family the same day”, says their photographer Alex Motta from Motta Weddings, who captured the couple’s impromptu dancing during their photo shoot.

“We couldn’t contain our happiness at being newly married to each other!” says Jackie, who wore a beautiful lace gown made by seamstress Sue Anderson in just nine days! ” It was nice to be able to spend time with Sue during the process  which were quite casual fittings and adjustments over some nice conversation”.

By the time they’d finished taking photos, the weather had turned so they wandered back to the house to enjoy an intimate dinner catered by Munster Haus and Natural Tucker Bakery and served by staff from Our Boys and Girls while surrounded by beautiful lanterns, candles and soft jazz and music playing in the background. “It was simple, intimate, cozy – a pleasant day to remember for years to come”, says Alex.

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CREDITS Photos Motta Weddings // Bridal gown Sue Anderson // Hair piece Grattan Flowers // Shoes Sportsgirl // Flowers Grattan Flowers and La Manna // Rings Keshett and Brilliant Earth // Grooms suit Joe Black // Grooms shoes Otisopse Firenze // Bow tie The Tie Bar // Ceremony and reception private property, Victoria // Catering Munster Haus and Natural Tucker Bakery // Cake Gelobar, Sugardough, Munster Haus and Babka // Hair and Makeup Tania Towan & DiStefano // Celebrant Beryl Ashton // Decorations Dann Event, Lark Store and Bunnings // Event staff from Our Boys and Girls.