Jasmine and Kenny are our favourite kind of couple – cool, calm and cruisey. A fund manager and a future master of wine (our dream job), this duo admits they’re proposal story wasn’t anything extraordinary… “Just a typical ‘will you marry me’ with a ring,” Jasmine says, adding that they were engaged for just six months before getting married.

Remembering how beautiful the scenery was in New Zealand, Kenny had travelled there before – so it was the clear choice for the most natural and beautiful photos for their pre-wedding shoot with legend photographers James and Cam of Chasewild. “James suggested the idea of shooting in the mountains and we absolutely loved the idea!”

Though the couple’s actual celebration took place in Korea, their gorgeous photo shoot was taken high atop the stunning views of New Zealand with a vintage, natural storytelling vibe. “The photo locations were wild and in remote places which caused us to make path to the final locations of the shoot. James and Cameron took photos along the way perfectly where the shoot created a natural story. We really wanted photos that looked natural and not posed or cheesy ones. It worked out perfectly!”

Though Jasmine didn’t sport the real wedding dress for the photo shoot, she looked gorgeous in her little lacy number which she purchased online and looked beautiful amongst the lovely setting. Having tied the knot and begun the adventure that is the ‘married life’, Jasmine and Kenny say that marriage to them is about commitment, but also so much more. “Warm fuzzy feelings come and go but true love is being there for each other through thick and thin and respecting each other.”

And for other couple planning their wedding? This pair advises to enjoy every moment of the preparation and invest in your photographer! “The best thing we did was the pre-wedding photos in New Zealand. We both enjoyed the experience and the photos turned out to be far beyond our expectations. When we were up in the mountains for the last part of our shoot, the scenery and the sky looked so beautiful and we really felt like we were on top of the world. Even having dark clouds behind us from time to time during the shoot, it was so symbolic to us because we felt like no matter how tough our lives get in the future, as long as we stay committed, we can get through anything.”

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