First seen in Issue 12, Jenna always knew that Luke’s proposal would be a spontaneous one, that’s just the kind of guy he is. So when she went for a typical night out with the girls, she had no idea what would be waiting for her when she got home.

£I went upstairs, switched the light on and Luke was down on one knee in a tuxedo and holding a ring! He asked the question pretty quickly? Will you marry me?’? and soon after he said, Don’t worry it’s fake.’ (The ring, that was… I guess he knows I am a control freak so he didn’t trust himself to choose the ring.)—

As folks who have attended their fair share of large work functions, Jenna and Luke have both spent a lot of time in fancy smancy hotels and large convention centres but wanted something a little more rustic and unique for their wedding day. With a some help from industry’s standouts like Pedersens Hire, Heart Strings and Pretty Things and Perth Party Hire, Perth’s Sandalford Winery was clearly The One’.

£Sandalford was the first venue we looked at and the last. Their underground cellar was perfect for what we wanted. A blank canvas for me to style – concrete floors and wooden barrels. We fell in love with the space instantly and knew the room had a lot of potential,— explains Jenna, who tells us she has a passion for sewing – a skill that really comes in handy when you’re organising the event of a lifetime.

£You typically see with a lot of bridesmaid dresses where they all have the same dress regardless of whether this dress suits them or not. I wanted my girls to feel comfortable in their dress and want to wear it again, so I designed six different dresses – all different colours and styles that would compliment their figure and personality. It was really rewarding to see all the dresses come together and I guess show off’ all my designs,— says the bride, whose creativity came into play in more ways than one.

Aside from also designing her own bridal gown (crafted by a local dressmaker) and flower jar favours, she took things up a notch by making unique place cards for each of the 239 confirmed guests. Talk about dedication!

£I decided to make personalised Scrabble holders for each person. I found a shop on Etsy that sold individual Scrabble letters and holders so I created a list of all my wedding guests, counted how many letters I needed for each person (just to give you a visual, I needed 210 pieces of the letter A’ – Italians have unnecessarily long names.—

Despite some mishaps (like a few of the groomsmen’s suits not fitting just days before the wedding), Jenna tells us that her and Luke’s day, captured by Nectarine Photography, was about love, friendship and her new husband’s infamous £Peter Garrett (terrible) style dance moves—.

But in all seriousness, she says marrying Luke was never a question of if’, but when’. £I’m lucky. I married my best friend and we had a great life, but now our life is even better.—

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