For lovebirds Jess and Adam there was no cutting corners when it came to their festival inspired celebration. £Straight after we got engaged in Vegas we drove to Coachella. We had the best time at that festival and during those few days, we drunkenly decided we should make our wedding a festival theme,” explains Jess.

Held at the National Art School in Sydney – a place Jess had unknowingly passed by every day on her way to work – they organised a tonne of finger food, festoon lights, giant balloons, cafe patron shots for dessert, an outdoor fire pit and an ice-cream cart to create a relaxed, upbeat atmosphere. £We wanted to create a vibe where people who had never met before would end up hugging on the dance floor singing at the top of their lungs by the end of the night.—

Jess and her closest female friends also contributed an enormous amount of DIY decorations, including their signage and paper lanterns. £We did a lot of DIY as I wanted to have lots of personal touches. One of my best friend’s Elke named herself my Craft Captain and our other girlfriends became her Craftinis. We enjoyed a few afternoons (fueled by wine) making tissue tassels and lots of gold fringed things! The amount of tissue paper I bought? I think Sydney might have had a shortage.”

Meanwhile Jess’s Dad (bless his cotton socks) along with Claire of Willow and Dune took care of everything else – the archway, bathrooms, bouquets, booze – the lot. He even managed to incorporate a rap into his wedding speech which, says Jess, £was absolutely shocking and amazing in equal measures.”

Other things that set their day apart was Jess’s tea length dress from Helen English and their photographers The Robertsons, who captured every moment of their special day, namely their vows. £Saying the vows we’d written for each other? was probably the most serious thing we’ve ever done as a couple!— says Jess, who views marriage as “having a partner who’s got your back no matter what and is always on your side. Someone who knows when you’re getting angry (hungry and angry) and steers you to the nearest food outlet. Someone you can be a loser with your whole life basically!”

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