We tend to associate the perfect wedding day with tonnes of guests and heaps of planning, but for Jess and Blainey, that just wasn’t what they had in mind.

£I’m not sure if it was our Australian laidback natures or just the thought of a puffy dress and seating arrangements that put us off an extravagant wedding, but when Blainey and I got engaged it didn’t take long to realise we didn’t want a traditionally large or over-the-top event.—

Envisioning a private, intimate exchange of vows on the European seaside with just their parents and a friend each by their sides, the couple tied the knot only two weeks later in San Sebastian. The extent of their planning was booking a celebrant online and buying outfits, like the adorable bridesmaids dress from Alice McCall.

£I needed flowers, a cake, a hairdresser, a location for the ceremony and a restaurant for our reception – and all in a day,— explains Jess, who admits organising the event wasn’t without some effort.

Despite the short notice and the language barrier, the day, captured by Pedro Bellido Photography, still came together flawlessly. £The restaurant staff. The people. The atmosphere. The weather. The ocean. The old buildings and the cobblestone streets. It was all sensational.”

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CREDITS Photos Pedro Bellido Photography // Bridal gown and shoes The White Boutique // Hair piece, flowers and cake topper Floristeria Villaflores // Rings Vintage Jewellers London // Jewellery Ayala Bar // Bridesmaids dresses Alice McCall // Grooms shoes and groomsmen shoes Timberland // Ceremony Monte Igueldo, Spain // Reception and catering Atari Restaurant, Spain // Hair and Make up Noventa Grados // Celebrant Bojan Ivic.