On a recent road-trip along the East coast of Australia, Jess and Bow stopped at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains where Bow was born, then visited the nearby Wentworth Falls where he led Jess off to a secluded spot to get down on one knee and ask if she would marry him. She said yes. (Obviously!)

Hunter-gatherers, collectors and all things vintage addicts, this romantic pair is known for being super sentimental. So when Mish, of Mish Edstein Photography, suggested an engagement shoot among a gum plantation outside of Melbourne, Bow insisted on bringing his 1975 Polaroid camera along.

“The engagement photo shoot with Jess and Bow was delightful, with golden rays of spring sun slipping through the gum trees. With Jess in a beautiful native flower crown from Fieldmouse Flowers, their love for each other jumped through the lens,” says Mish.

JessBow-001 JessBow-002 JessBow-003 JessBow-004 JessBow-007 JessBow-009 JessBow-021 JessBow-023 JessBow-NEW2 JessBow-030 JessBow-034 JessBow-036 JessBow-038 JessBow-039 JessBow-042 JessBow-044

CREDITS Photos Mish Edstein Photography // Florist Fieldmouse Flowers