“If I had to describe the vibe we were going for, these are the words I would use: flowers, glitter, ribbons, fun, whimsical, fairies, parties, carousel horses, kittens…” says Julia – one bride who made the rules as she went along. So when she was hungry and felt like some barbecue shapes during their portrait session with photographer Corey Sleap, she went right ahead and ate some.

A man born to take pictures, Corey Sleap captured Julia and Matt’s day in the same way he always does – with emotion, honesty and beautiful lighting. A visual storyteller, his work continues to make us melt every time. For Julia and Matt, his images will be a constant reminder of all the things that made their day at the Mambourin Sensory Gardens in Victoria so wonderful…

Matt messed about on his skateboard while Julia got changed into her Mariana Hardwick gown, Johnny Cash playing on repeat. All the time they spent on their DIY love heart decorations; the moment they first saw each other at the end of aisle and most importantly, having Julia’s sister there as her maid of honour were highlights of the day. “She had been very sick in the previous year or two… so having her there and mostly healthy and recovering was a gift from god”, says Julia.

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CREDITS: Photos Corey Sleap // Bridal gown Mariana Hardwick via Still White // Hair piece GardenOfWhimsy via Etsy // Veil Light In The Box // Shoes Converse // Flowers Tanya Tibben // Rings Filigree Jewellers // Jewellery MyWeddingDream and LoisLovesDesigning via Etsy // Bridesmaids dresses Alannah Hill // Grooms suit TopMan // Grooms shoes Converse // Groomsmen suits and ties Asos // Ceremony Mambourin Sensory Gardens, VIC // Reception Private property // Catering Diamond Blue Catering // Cake Jill Scherman // Stationery Matthew Stanley // Makeup Lisa Pafford // Music Chris and Saralisa Loftis.