Hoping to create a wedding that was a bit of a getaway, Karen and Lee landed on Willow Farm in beautiful Berry for their big day. “We wanted to allow friends and family to enjoy a holiday in the process but to be honest – we stumbled across Willow Farm and am so grateful we did!”

With no particular theme in mind the pair set out to create a celebration which reflected them (no bells and whistles necessary). Their main priority with every decision was ultimately to get rid of anything that they didn’t really want and wouldn’t make a positive impact on their day.

“We really wanted to focus on having our closest family and friends with us, good food, good booze and a venue that allowed everyone to just have fun (and for it to be beautiful, of course)!!”

Topping Karen and Lee’s list of amazing venue? Karen tells us, “Garnish Catering was out of this world, we still have people talking about how amazing they were; not only was the food beautifully presented and mouthwatering delicious, Jo and her staff were so friendly, attentive and efficient.”

Olguin Photography was also a standout, the couple adds. “Alex our photographer was exactly what you want from a photographer; fun, energetic, had amazing attention to detail and we barely noticed him there capturing all the romantic and belly laughing candid moments – his photos are simply incredible!!”

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CREDITS Photos Olguin Photography // Event planner / Stylist and florist Hoorah Events // Ceremony and reception Willow Farm, NSW // Catering Garnish Catering // Food trucks and carts Wandering Woodfire Pizza // Marquee / teepee South Coast Party Hire // Entertainment Cameron Little // Rings Natalie Marie Jewellery // Bridal gown designer White Suede // Lingerie Simone Perele // Shoes Wittner and Trenery // Accessories Country Road and Linda Tahija // Hair and makeup Kristin Olds // Suit and shoes Calibre // Watch Tag Heuer // Page boy outfits Industrie Kids.