For Kas and Luke, the goal was simple: a relaxed wedding day where they didn’t have to move between venues for the ceremony, photos and reception. Cue Rupert on Rupert, a contemporary and industrial venue who serves up some of the best pizza Melbourne offers.

“We wanted to have a relaxed wedding, where we didn’t have to move between venues for the ceremony, photos and the reception. We wanted a venue that we would be happy to go to on a Sunday afternoon to have drinks with friends. Rupert’s was a favourite place of ours that we thought would be perfect for our wedding. We also decided that we didn’t want to have a bridal party, we just wanted a party,” explains the bride, who rocked a head-turning gown for her big day.

Grace Loves Lace held a Melbourne Concierge service at the Olsen Hotel, which l was lucky enough to be chosen for. They brought down 3 dresses for me to try on. I picked my favourite, they took my measurements and delivered the dress to Melbourne a few months later. I wanted a delicate lacey dress that was beautiful but also comfortable enough to get on the dance floor later in for a boogie.”

With a crew of awesome vendors like Hello May fave, I Got You Babe Weddings, behind them, the couple had one heck of a day, admitting their favourite moment: “When the dining tables were removed and the dance floor was created! It was such a release after all the official stuff was over. We just wanted our ceremony to be short and sweet so we could get onto the fun stuff, eating, drinking and dancing!”

To these newlyweds, marriage’s meaning is simple, telling us that “there’s something incredibly amazing about officially making the commitment of marriage in front of your closest family and friends. We are not a very traditional couple but marriage was something that we both agreed we wanted to do, there’s something magic about this timeless tradition.”

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