After a Christmas Day engagement, Katie didn’t waste any time… she jumped right onto Pinterest the following day to start planning her wedding to Nige at a friend’s (stunningly gorgeous) wool shed in New Zealand.

“I suppose we wanted a relaxed feel, but I wanted to bring some form of greenery into the woolshed, with natural linens, brown paper and loads of candles, cacti and succulents,” explains Katie, who went on to tell us they had quite a few standout vendors, including caterer Big Smokey BBQ and cake maker Nona’s Homemade Cakes.

“We decided to go with 1/2 a dozen cakes of all different sizes and flavours. They were stunning and tasted amazing – all our guests were raving about the cakes.”

Taking on heaps of DIY projects, the couple says that “it was definitely the kiwi DIY attitude” with their wedding. Katie, Nige, their friends and family successfully scouted plants, made soy wax candle favours, created signage and more. Lucky for Katie, a very busy lady, she was able to order her wedding dress over the phone after her original pick didn’t work out.

“I had a dress made by a dressmaker and it really didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I had always had my heart set on a Lover dress. When my first dress was a fail I was straight on the phone to Lover. So pleased I made that decision and the dress fitted perfectly,” says Katie, who not only had a perfect bridal gown, but two perfect matches as well: her new husband and an amazing photographer.

“Danelle from A Couple Of Night Owls was awesome. She was super professional and so talented and knew how to deal with our rowdy bridal party.”

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CREDITS Photos A Couple of Night Owls // Bridal gown Lover the Label // Lingerie Bras n Things // Shoes Sol Sana // Accessories Cathy Pope // Hair and makeup Aimie Fiebig // Rings Cushla Whiting // Bridesmaid dresses Miss Crabb and Zara // Bridesmaid gifts Lovisa // Groom and groomsmen suit, tie, shoes and socks Barkers // Watch Nixon // Barber / grooming Room 104 Grooming Lounge // Event planner / Stylist Sharon Buckley and The Heirloom // Flowers Katie Hart // Stationery Alister Firmston // Ceremony and reception Private property, NZ // Catering Big Smokey BBQ // Cake Nona’s Homemade Cakes // Teepee Stretch Tents.