While most of us can barely remember our college days (a little too much boxed wine?) Tom had no problem re-creating Katie’s bedroom at Ormond College, the place where they’d first fallen in love by way of late night talks and drinking beer out of old teacups. The meticulous man that he is, Tom arranged the furniture exactly as it had been those many moons ago and decorated with a mix of flowers, candles and years of saved love letters.

£I opened the door to this scene and a projector shining above the fireplace. Tom wasn’t in the room but a note on a laptop said press play’. With help of some very talented artist friends, Tom had created an animated story of our love, ending with the all important question.—

While Tom had no problem keeping the proposal plans (and the antique sapphire ring that Katie had been drooling over for nearly a year) secret, the wedding entertainment was another story. Katie was extremely disappointed when she’d contacted her favourite band, Microwave Jenny, asking them to play the wedding but heard they’d be in London.

£Then a few months later, out of the blue, they contacted Tom and said they’d love to play our wedding and could make it a surprise. Tom was so excited that he couldn’t keep it to himself and told me almost straight away,— explains Katie, whose vision included flowers, flowers, and… more flowers.

£I never really had a theme in mind, just a bit of a floral obsession and my usual leaning towards the older over the new. As flowers bring me such incredible joy, the most exciting thing about a wedding for me was the excuse to be a bit extravagant with my florist, Lindsey Myra. When I first walked into the hall on my parent’s arms I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of it all I had to stop and take a breath.—

Captured by Jess Nicholls Photography, the tone of the day was certainly one of big love, but this pair reminds fellow brides and grooms to be to keep it simple. £On the day, all you care about is looking decent, marrying your sweetheart in front of all your besties and having a rip-roaring party (hmmm?. and maybe having great flowers). Tablecloth creases, cutlery weight, table angle and other such concerns are irrelevant when people are buoyed by wedding love.—

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CREDITSª?Photos Jess Nicholls Photographyª?//ª?ª?Bridal gown Heather Sellick Bridal Couture //ª?Shoes Rachel Simpsonª?//ª?Hair and makeup Green Scarf Girlª?//ª?Rings Kozminsky //ª?Suit, tie and shoes Calibre //ª?Flower girls Collette Diniganª?//ª?Florist Lindsey Myra //ª?Stationery Bronwyn Tilbury via Etsy //ª?Ceremony Trentham Mechanics Hall, VIC //ª?Reception and catering The Cosmopolitan Hotel, VIC //ª?Entertainment Rutherford Entertainment and Microwave Jennyª?Celebrant Rev. Liellie McLaughlin.