Stop what y’all are doing, guys. This wedding is GOOD. Like, really good. The couple are cool AF (no surprises there, they both work in the fashion industry), seeking “a very casual affair that was as minimal as possible on wedding cliches.” The intimate celebration was photographed by one of our go-to’s (and all-around great humans), Rolan John Photo, so scroll down for all the details…

THE VENUE “Given we had been together nine years prior to being engaged, we had spoken about our potential wedding in detail. We also appreciate food and dining out, so a natural fit was to go with one of our favourite establishments. We originally were going to have a 97 person celebration but [thanks to COVID] opted for the smaller [38 strong guest list] at Marion.”

FAVE DETAILSMarion as a venue, in general, was easily our favourite detail of the day. The staff were excellent, the food was delicious and plentiful as were the drinks. More than anything, the venue was relaxed which made the entire day feel as such. Outside of this, our invites/placeholders created by Biddi were our favourite feature. We’ve always loved her work, and getting to work with her exclusively on this project was a cool experience.”

THE DRESS “The dress was a vintage one from Olivia Lila Lahood. Kim had shown her sister a potential wedding dress several months prior to our engagement but didn’t want to buy it out of fear of jinxing said engagement. Once we were engaged, Kim then tried to locate this dress to no avail. One night, not long after, she went to her sister’s for dinner and to check out some new window fixtures for her apartment. Her sister handed her a box with supposed fixtures inside, but when Kim opened it, it was the wedding dress.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT “Saying our vows. We both wrote our own and it was pretty special to be able to stand in front of our friends and family and read them out loud. The general vibe at Marion was also quite special. Thinking back upon the day this is largely the component that comes to mind, everyone having fun, being relaxed and talking to one another – it was pretty awesome.”

A WORD OF ADVICE “Have fun with it, go get a drink at a pub and get out of the house to go plan things. Planning can feel like a task, so whatever you can do to avoid this is highly recommended!”

WE’RE GLAD WE… “A majority of our guests stayed at The Park Hyatt (as did we) and Kim organised a group accommodation to facilitate this. It was awesome having everyone centrally located, and meant that the casual drinks after Marion were already taken care of.”

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CONTRIBUTING VENDORS Photographer Rolan John Photo Photo Stationery Biddi Rowley Ceremony Victorian Marriage Registry Reception Marion Rings Sophie Bille Brahe (Bride) Cameron Studio (Groom) THE BRIDE Bridal Gown Olivia Lila Lahood (Vintage) Shoes Toteme Accessories All Blues (Earrings & Bracelet) & Brie Leon (Bag) Hair & Makeup Mae Taylor via Tonic Agency THE GROOM Suit & Shoes Our Legacy Shirt Wacko Maria