It’s not every day we hear about a couple becoming engaged over a giant dumpling – but these two did it! “I was confused – I actually thought that they had made a mega stuff up and started giggling about how it was such a fancy retreat and they have cooked something clearly inedible in our food! Then I saw his stupid smile. Joke was on me it was a ring in a box in a dumpling.”

Despite a couple of small issues (like the their dog, George, having a munch on Kirsty’s ring), the pair set out to find the perfect venue… and ended up buying one instead, now known as The Grange.

“We checked out this beautiful 1840’s Heritage building/ retired function space  where I actually had my 18th . After being shown around and told they don’t do functions anymore but it was for sale, we jumped in the car and Jason said ‘I think we should buy it’ and I said ‘you’re an idiot’ and now we live in it,” explains Kristy who wore a Houghton gown on her big day.

Along with a boatload of fun touches like babysitters for the kiddies, Nomad the Magician and amazing eats by Free Range Catering, Kirsty and Jason hired Beck Rocchi Photography to capture the day.

“Our photographer was awesome. To be honest I don’t even remember seeing her take a picture thats how camouflaged she was! The group shots were so quick it was perfect. She was hilarious and we clicked immediately and she blended in with our crazy crew perfectly,” the pair explains, adding that there are many benefits of being married…

“”Having someone to watch Law & Order: SVU with and eating till you’re too gross for other people’s company. Reminding each other of how wonderful the other is when they need it. Because sometimes you forget.”

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CREDITS Photos Beck Rocchi Photography // Bridal gown Houghton // Skirt Swish Bridal Design // Shoes Miu Miu // Accessories Shaun Leane and Cartier // Makeup Emmily Banks // Suit Pal Zileri // Shirt and pocket square Tom Ford // Pet accessories Dusidog via Etsy // Florist The Little Bouquet // Stationery Allie Webb // Printer The Distillery // Reception The Grange, NSW // Catering Free Range Catering // Cake Chloe Kryskow Catering and The Cake Ninja // Other desserts Wild Ryes // Lighting / sound hire Davidson Audio // Entertainment Bryen Willems // Magician Nomad the Magician.