Do you remember these guys from Issue one? The two we all thought were a little mad… in a totally awesome kind of way of course. Well let us refresh your memory…

With newborn twins and a busy home business, Kris and Sean decided to get a little busier, and plan a bumper DIY wedding, putting their new relationship to the test. (Kris says, £we’ve been together just over a year and a half and have nine month old twins – you do the math!—)

But plan away they did, and boy did they do a fine job! Throwing in a 40th celebration and the christening of their twins into the mix on the day, their family affair that included Sean’s two young daughters as groomsmen’ made for a rather wonderful day that they wish they could do over again.

As owners of The Best Little Vintage Van in Vegas, the theme was a no-brainer, with Kris already having the vintage van and classic car sorted. She says, £it just morphed into a big candy-coloured extravaganza from there.— Taking place inside the most magnificent open space  an old church hall with high ceilings, their carnival was rounded out with plenty of bright hues and food and coffee trucks  which of course included everyone’s favourite, Mr Whippy.

It was an action-packed day that photographer Luke Going was glad to capture. An industry favourite, this man (whos work you can also see here, here and here) has always made the lives of couples everywhere easy, consistently capturing beautiful moments in time from behind his polished lens.

While one of Kris’ favourite moments of the day was heading onto their after-party to be greeted by their guests, Sean’s favourite part of the day came earlier in a brief quiet moment. £A couple of friends had recommended taking 15 minutes to sit back by ourselves and just relax. Later in the night we managed to nab the gorgeous red sofa, one arm around each other, the other holding a wine, and watched some crazy dance moves by our guests and laughed… a lot.—

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CREDITS Photos Luke Going Photography //Bridal gown Retro Metro // Reception dress Atomic Martini Vintage // Shoes Melissa by Vivien Westwood // Rings Stones // Flowers Rocklea Flower Markets // Grooms suit Hugo Boss // Ceremony St Anne’s Catholic Church, QLD // Reception Holy Cross Church Hall // Catering Zen Catering, Kate’s Vegetarian Food, Classic Icecreams and Kombi Koffein // Lolly buffet Brisbane Lolly Buffets // Stationery Three Eggs Design // Furniture Hire Moments in Vintage // Hair Angela Simonds // Makeup Kayrene Le Merchant // Music Kurt Kleimeyer // Photo booth photographer Rick Hartman // Wedding gift registry Not Another Toaster // Transport The Best Little Vintage Van in Vegas