There’s nothing quite like a proposal over schnitzels. Just ask Kristen and Dan, whose proposal at a local pub perfectly reflected them as a couple – laid back and relaxed. “We were halfway through eating our giant schnitzels in the front bar (sitting on the same stools we sat on, on our first date), when Dan asked me to marry him. He asked me so quietly and discretely – no one in the bar noticed! I had tears silently streaming down my face, his hands were trembling, and the smile on his face couldn’t have been bigger. It was perfect. We were both in the moment, we felt like we were the only two people in the room and for that period of time it was our special secret, only we knew. ”

With their hearts set on a scenic venue that was flexible and allowed them to bring in their own vendors and use their imagination, the pair visited around six venues until the found ‘the one’. “As soon as we pulled up at Nepenthe Wines, Dan immediately decided it was the one. The lawn, the humongous gum tree, the autumnal coloured vines, and the giant warehouse with the hessian and wine barrels – we booked in then and there! We knew the venue had so much potential, and the size of it was extremely attractive.”

Basing their day on “good pizza and great wine”, Kristen and Dan enlisted Cindy’s Classic Gourmet and Amore Woodfired Oven Pizza to get the good eats for their rustic and retro celebration of love. “We wanted our day to be relaxed and informal yet a beautiful, wholesome and cheerful celebration. It is clichû? but we wanted it to be ‘us’. We aren’t very fancy! We also really wanted our love and the importance of the decision we were making to shine through, be the focal point and be shared by our guests,” explains the bride, who rocked a Bride La Boheme head piece and a Rue De Seine gown from Through the White Door.

“The only way to describe the way I felt when I tried on the gown is magical. I had that clichû? moment where I had butterflies, and I felt stunning (even without having my hair and makeup done!). No other dress I tried on had given me that ‘feeling’. I could not stop smiling! No regrets on the dress – everyone loved it as much as I did! ”

Captured by Dan Evans Photography, the newlyweds agree that their favourite moment from the day was their first look. “Seeing each other, all dressed up, it’s the moment when reality hits – today we are getting married. Today we will give our hearts each other and promise to share our lives with each other forever. It was really emotional, and surreal. My heart was beating so fast, I was shaking but it was not from a feeling of nerves, I felt so calm, so excited and so in love. I will never forget the feeling. It is what it was all about, just the two of us, forever.”

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CREDITS Photos Dan Evans Photography // Bridal gown Rue De Seine via Through the White Door // Dress alterations Karen Berrington // Hair piece Bride La Boheme // Shoes Naturalizer // Hair and makeup Kate Roxby Hair and Makeup // Rings Bell & Brunt // Suit Peter Jackson // Shirt Peter Shearer // Tie / Bow tie David Jones // Cufflinks and shoes Myer // Socks Happy Socks // Barber / grooming Robbie?Ž“s Chop Shop // Flower girls Zara and Seed Heritage // Florist Ivy and Lace Flowers // Stationery and wedding favours Sail and Swan // Ceremony and reception Nepenthe Wines, SA // Catering Cindy’s Classic Gourmet // Food trucks and carts Amore Woodfired Oven Pizza // Decorative elements Rifle Paper Co via Book Depository // Wedding favours Pack My Product // Photo booth Dream Booths // Prop and furniture hire Vintage Prins and Jukebox Party Hire // Lighting / sound hire Modern Party Hire.