Though Kristie and Luke (first seen in Issue 12) had already gotten hitched back in ’09 at a registry office just before moving overseas, the couple decided (five years later) to have a long overdue wedding to share their commitment with family and friends? and we’ve got to admit, it was one rockin’ celebration and featured some of the industry’s best, like Julian Beattie Photography, Elyssium Blooms and Little Gray Station.

It all started with the proposal? Kirstie tells us that their cat, Louie, always greets her at the door, but one day he was was stretched out, relaxing on the lounge with no intentions of budging. £Eventually he waddled over so I picked him up and he had a little tag on his collar with will you marry me’ and a ring. Turns out that Luke had overfed Louie so he would be tired because he was worried Louie would run off with the ring!—

After picking a mishmash of bits and pieces that they liked, the day eventually just came together naturally at Samsonvale Hall. £I guess it was just a mix of vintage furniture, DIY Pinterest decorations and an Aus-country’ setting – in the end we just wanted everyone to be relaxed so we stayed away from the traditional norms of ceremonies and chose vendors that suited us. Looking back it was a reflection of who we are and ended up coming together perfectly,— explains Kristie, who adds that they styled and created just about everything themselves.

While Luke designed the invites, signage and programmes, their best friend printed them on her letterpress machine, Kristie’s mum scoured op-shops for plates and bowls, and the bride, her sisters and friends clocked up 150+ hours creating the epic silver piûñatas.

£Because most of the wedding was DIY, we spent so much time leading up to the wedding working on all these fiddly, time-consuming, stress-inducing tasks, but on the day I couldn’t have cared less about any of that and just wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.—

Though Kristie advises other couple not to sweat the small stuff, Luke warns grooms to £listen to your fiancû?? and you better get used to Pinterest.— Smart man.

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CREDITS Photos Julian Beattie Photography // Bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses Lover // Shoes Sweedish Hasbeens // Hair Alexandra Pelenyi // Makeup Lindsay Reece // Bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen jacket Asos // Bridesmaid gifts Zoe & Morgan and Holly Ryan // Grooms suit and groomsmen pants Jack London // Tie / Bow tie Topshop // Shoes Aquila // Barber / grooming Pureman // Florist Elyssium Blooms // Ceremony and reception Samsonvale Hall, QLD // Food trucks / carts That BBQ Joint // Cake Flour & Chocolate // Wedding favours Mansfield 4122 // Prop and furniture hire Little Gray Station // Lighting hire Brisbane Party Hire.