Three weeks before this pair were due to tie the knot, shit hit the fan (figuratively speaking of course). “… our venue told us we had been double booked and we needed to find another venue,” explains Kristina.

The clock was ticking and Issue 10 couple Kristina and Nick had two options – to delay the entire event or to knock heads and devise a Plan B. Despite a few additional setbacks (including hiccups with their flowers and furniture going MIA) they chose to bring wedding planning and styling company Main Event Weddings on board and charge ahead.

“Within a stressful week Main Event Weddings managed to take hold of the situation and prepare our day at High Church.”

Located right next door to Brisbane’s CBD, it turned out to be the perfect backdrop for their relaxed, intimate wedding. “We wanted to bring everyone in and create a sense of home and unity,” says Kristina who, inspired by the idea of a big family gathering, incorporated soft, romantic lighting, wild floral arrangements and an abundance of homestyle dishes by Gramercy Coffee.

“It was their first time catering an event that big and they really impressed us. The food, service and those cakes!! Food means a lot to us haha!”

An enthusiastic pat on the back was also given to their photographers Anthony and Kim of Lover of Mine who Kristina and Nick say they connected with instantly.

“Asking Lover of Mine to photograph was the smartest thing we did. Sometimes you meet people that just understand you completely, people that are excited about what you’re doing and understand your messy creative brain who are able to piece together your thoughts and bring them to a reality,” says Kristina who was lucky enough to come across her jaw-dropping dress by Fabled and True on Instagram after her first online shopping experience with another label didn’t end so well.

Surprisingly, the day itself was incredibly seamless – people laughed, ate, danced and drank and wore sprigs of rosemary on their chest (a small Croatian tradition to ward off bad vibes and as a sign of good luck). Most importantly, Kristina and Nick officially became best friends and lovers for life. “… in the end, do what you want to do, and so long as you remember why you’re there in the first place, you’re going to have a magical day.”

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CREDITS Photos Lover of Mine Photography // Bridal gown Fabled and True // Shoes Hobes // Accessories Knobbly via Etsy // Hair Charlotte Timms // Makeup Tanielle Jai M.U.A // Rings Secrets and A Second Time via Etsy // Bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid shoes and cufflinks ASOS // Groom and groomsmen suits MJ Bale // Tie / Bow tie Ben Sherman // Shoes Dr Martens // Socks Vanishing Elephant // Event planner / Stylist Main Event Weddings // Ceremony and reception High Church, QLD // Catering and cake Gramercy Coffee // Lighting and sound hire AVI Corporate // Entertainment Hazlett Lewis // Celebrant Pastor James Turner // Cinematographer Lite Box Films.