We don’t usually like to consider ourselves copy cats, but Kristina and Nick, well, we want to be just like them! Following their recent engagement, they got together with seriously talented photographers Anthony and Kim of Lover of Mine (formerly Anthony Hoang Photography) and traveled to Toowoomba, just over 100 kilometres west of Brisbane. Despite some heavy showers, this creative duo captured some beautiful, romantic images in front of some nearby sheds and later surrounded by fields of sunflowers before the sun set.

A love story that is just as beautiful as their engagement shoot, Kristina tells us, “I was studying part time and would go into Reverends Fine Coffee in Fortitude Valley to study and fell in love with the barista on the machine. My loitering then landing me a job. So we worked together for a few months and the whole time I’m smitten like crazy but didn’t think anything would ever happen, because Nick was my manager. Obviously it did and we went on to run that cafe as a team. Nick proposed there and that’s where our big adventure began.”

Adding that they’d like to get married far from the city, we are itching to see how their big day pans out. “Our plan is to enjoy the simple things, good food and good company. So we’re just going to have a big family dinner and then head to Japan for a little holiday and live happily ever after.”

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