First seen in the Real Wedding Special, Lara and Adrian’s day had it’s fair share of totally awesome traditions as Lara explains £It started off with the buy of the bride’ where the groomsmen and grooms had to buy’ their way into the bride’s parents house eg. with vodka, money, food, dance, song— and it seems shit just got crazy from there!

Held at Stones of the Yarra Valley, this pair included pops of bright colours and tonnes of confetti. £The crazy colour explosion was just a reflection of our personalities and love for fun and colour. It wasn’t really concisely planned, everything just came together as a colourful rainbow,— explains Lara, who opted for a one of a kind bridal skirt and top unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Custom made by contemporary Australian fashion label Romance Was Born, Lara was more than keen for a nontraditional wedding dress bursting with flowers, colour and sequins. £I designed the outfit myself and then worked with Anna and Luke from Romance Was Born on the details of the beading/colours etc. I knew I didn’t want a plain white dress and opted to create something totally fun and unconventional,— she tells us, though the blooms by florist Sugar Bee Flowers proved to be her favourite detail of the day, captured by Pierre Curry Photography.

£The flowers were epic and tied all the colours, textures and details together. I included pom poms, ribbons and flowers from my bridal dress details in the bouquet and venue arrangements,— says Lara, who rocked quite a few DIY projects herself. £Everything from putting together the wedding favours, making up packages of glitter and pom pom confetti, signage, paper tassels and the list goes on!—

A smorgasbord of fun, amazing vendors (like Santiago Sunbird and The White Tree) and colour and epic Russian traditions, these lovebirds tell us £dancing all night in between hugs and kisses and looking like the Emoji dancers— was something they’ll never forget, though we don’t think marriage will ever be boring for this pair who describe tying the knot as £living happily ever after with your best friend and having the best adventure ever.— Sounds good to us!

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CREDITS Photos Pierre Curry Photography // Bridal gown and veil Romance Was Born // Shoes Irregular Choice // Accessories Each to Own // Hair Sylk Hair Boutique // Rings Kim Victoria // Bridesmaids tops Alannah Hill // Bridesmaid skirts Forever New // Bridesmaid shoes Oroton // Jacket, shirt and suspenders Declic // Pants Ted Baker // Tie / Bow tie Hank in Chief // Shoes Aquila // Socks Happy Socks // Groomsmen suits Zara // Florist Sugar Bee Flowers // Stationery Santiago Sunbird // Ceremony Her Lady’s Dormition Church, VIC // Reception and catering Stones of the Yarra Valley, VIC // Cake Cherrytree Bakehouse // Wedding favours Suga Rock Candy // Photobooth Little Pixel Box // Entertainment Vince Peach // Transport Kombi Love // Cinematographer The White Tree.