By the end of their first date, Lara and Jarred (one of our star couples from our Real Wedding Special) knew they’d be more than just friends. £I couldn’t tell you about the movie? we chatted and laughed our way through the whole thing!— says Lara who after many more fun-filled dates, accepted Jarred’s offer to become his one and only.

£One wonderful year later we walked past the most beautiful dreamcatchers (a small obsession of mine) I’d ever seen, which sadly weren’t for sale. I later learned Jarred begged the artist for weeks to sell them to him and soon after, I was stepping out onto a patio filled with those very same dreamcatchers and Jarred kneeling under them with a nervous smile and a ring.—

Married at Sydney Polo Club just four months later, Lara says that despite their rather short time frame, the entire process was a blast. £The lead up to the wedding was such a happy time to share together with our families and friends. My favourite part was when overseas family arrived, especially my 87 year old granny who refused to miss it!—

In order to create a day worthy of the distance they’d travelled, Lara and Jarred decided to call on a handful of wedding experts to help. £It was the outdoorsy, ethereal festival we dreamt of, brought to life by Glenda Graff and captured beautifully by Lara Hotz and The White Tree—, says Lara whose Grandpa also lent a helping hand. £My Grandpa loves to sketch, so we asked if he’d do one for our wedding invitation.—

Kicking things off with a traditional Jewish ceremony, Lara and Jarred were married beneath a chuppah decorated with the same dreamcatchers Jarred had proposed with before breaking out into the horah. £Wild Jewish horah dancing is Jarred’s favourite, so much so that we had three rounds instead of one!— says Lara, a woman with some serious stamina.

Later in the night, following an unforgettable feast served under a ceiling of dazzling lights, the celebrations continued on inside where below another incredible canopy of lush, green leaves and dreamcatchers Steve Clisby of The Voice and Ilan Kidron, the Potbelleez lead singer, put on a cracking performance for Lara and Jarred’s many guests. It was only when they were invited outside to roast marshmallows by the fire and giant outdoor tipi, that people began to stray (reluctantly) from the dance floor.

A day bursting at the seams with so many beautiful details – from their stunning apricot and peach coloured flowers to their spectacular hanging lights – it’s no surprise that when asked, Lara finds it impossible to pick a favourite. After some thought, she decides to name her most memorable moment instead.

£An impromptu last dance where everyone started to kneel and sit around us. It was wonderful to be able to look around, be in the moment and take it all in! Also Jarred’s heartfelt speech was a favourite, he had us all cracking up and then tearing up.— OK so maybe that was two things, but after a night like that who’s counting anyway!

Unfortunately our Real Wedding Special is completely sold out, however issue ten has just recently hit newsstands nationally (and across the ditch in NZ) and although we may be bias, it’s certainly a goodie featuring another real wedding by Lara Hotz, whose work you can also see here, here and here. Looking for a cinematographer and/or band? Find out more about The White Tree here.

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CREDITS Photos Lara Hotz // Bridal gown and veil Eternal Bridal // Shoes Stuart Weitzman // Flowers Samantha Cox // Hair Bryoni’s Hair // Makeup Cassie Mendoza-Jones // Rings Raphael Jewellers and Jeff Einstein // Bridesmaids dresses Bridesmaids Only // Groom and groomsmen suits and bow ties P. Johnson Tailors // Stylist Glenda Graff // Ceremony and reception Sydney Polo Club, NSW // Catering Amaze In Taste // Stationery The Distillery // Printer Dashing Digital // Music Ilan Kidron and Steve Clisby // Dance lessons Liora Kempler // Celebrant Rabbi Benji Levy // Cinematographer The White Tree.