Wellington AKA the coolest little capital in the world is a vibrant city full of food, coffee and culture…what more could you ask for in a wedding location? “We had heard of Boomrock years prior and when we finally saw it in real life we immediately fell in love with the place. We wanted to have the ceremony, tapas and sunset up there and then move to a venue where we could self cater,” Laura and Dan tell us.

Hoping to keep things classy yet fun, these lovebirds combined their love of New Zealand as well as Dan’s Maori culture for a day full of classic dishes, a Haka dance group, pavlova and, you guessed it, a Grace Loves Lace gown.

“I chose around five dresses and then took Daniel with me a few weeks later. We don’t do things traditionally! He loved all of them. I saved my favourite until last and thankfully it was his favourite too! It was a lovely experience,” says the bride, who recruited Nina Claire Photography to take photos of the celebration.

“Nina was recommended by one of our wedding guests. She did a wonderful job and we are so happy with the photos,” the couple tells us, admitting that marriage has, in fact, made a pretty big impact on their relationship.

“Although we have now been together for 10 years, making the decision to get married has actually changed our relationship. We are even more in love and we definitely have more of a team mentality. I regularly get told off if I forget to put my rings on after gardening or cleaning!”

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CREDITS Photos Nina Claire Photography // Bridal gown Grace Loves Lace // Robes / getting ready tees Goddess of Babylon // Lingerie Nu Bra // Accessories Salita Matthews // Hair and makeup Mary Estelle // Rings Chrisian Gortz Jewellery and Ethical Jewels // Shirt Hugo Boss // Pants and tie / bow tie David Jones // Cufflinks Lazule // Shoes Industrie // Hat Fallen Broken Street // Flowers Central Flower Wholesalers // Stationery Canva // Ceremony Boomrock, NZ // Reception Worser Bay Life Saving Club, NZ // Catering Queen Sallys Diamond Deli // Decorative elements Ikea // Prop and furniture hire and lighting / sound hire Hiremaster // Entertainment Killtbot Kindergarten and DJ Justin Sweeney // Haka Dance Group NgŸ Tai Hononga o Marutawhiti // Celebrant Tau Huirama.