You may recognise Lauren and Andrew from the cover of Issue 11, for who, marriage was simply an excuse to have an epic party with their closest friends and family. After all, they’d already had two little ones and been together for 14 (yes, 14!) years.

£Andrew and I have been together for ages so we were after something relaxed with a fun vibe where all our favourites’ could get together for a glass or two of bubbly and a dance,— explains Lauren, who is eternally grateful to New Zealand’s The Tasting Shed for £knowing their shit and making it all happen— in the lead up to the day.

£It was the one place we had in mind and it all seemed to work out timing wise. They made it so simple, taking care of all those things you just don’t need to clutter up the planning with (food/drinks/staff). It’s what they do and they are SO good at it!—

A naturally beautiful location, the couple decided they £didn’t want to compete or try to change the look— of the outdoors-y, rustic feel of The Tasting Shed £So I guess that was our theme – relaxed and rustic. We really just wanted the big ol’ party!—

Nontraditional in more ways than one, Lauren and Andrew opted out of the typical, often awkward, first dance. £But when Dirty Dancing came on something happened and I decided I had to try the jump’? Andrew caught me so we must be meant to be,— explains Lauren, who after successfully completing the famous jump’, must’ve been glad she decided to get some last minute alterations done on her two piece Karla Spetic gown.

£A dressmaker friend made a few small alterations to it and managed to stitch a lining into the top so I was a tad more decent in the mother-in-law’s eyes,— says the bride who, as a mum, has a soft spot for the little things. £I loved having my mother walk me down the aisle and my kids bombard me. My son swinging off Andrew and my hands while trying to read our vows made for a light-hearted moment.—

Another one of Lauren’s favourite moments, she tells us, were the first look photos with A Couple of Night Owls. £It was so nice to be able to share the moment on our own rather than in front of everyone. And to have Andrew calm my nerves down! Our photographers were amazing and made us feel really comfortable in front of the camera and took photos that we are actually happy to look at!—

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CREDITS Photos A Couple Of Night Owls // Bridal gown Karla Spetic // Shoes Sol Sana // Accessories Zoe & Morgan // Rings Naveya and Sloane // Bridesmaid dresses Moochi and Miss Crabb // Bridesmaid shoes Mi Piaci// Groom and groomsmen suits Hallensteins // Tie / Bow tie Huxby // Socks Country Road // Watch Nixon // Flower girls Cotton On and Louis & Lola Sandals //
Page boys Carbon Soldier and Cotton On // Stationery Paperless Post // Ceremony, reception and catering The Tasting Shed, NZ // Marquee / teepee Schupepe Tents // Celebrant Melanie Kerr // Transport Ritchies Double Decker Bus.