“Alberta was a place I was planning to return to before I’d even left”, says one of our fave Australian photographers Tim Coulson who was blown away by Canada’s incredible natural beauty the moment he arrived to meet newly engaged friends Layla and Trent.

“I grew up on the beaches, north of Sydney and crave saltwater on a daily basis. There’s something about the mountains though, that stirs my soul in the realest of ways”, he says of a feeling that translates through to each and every one of his artistic images.

While away, Tim spent time with the happy couple exploring Banff, Lake Louise and some of the incredible surrounds and naturally, their adventures quickly turned into an engagement session for Layla and Trent. “Now we’re patiently waiting on their engagement so that we’ve got an excuse to visit them and their beautiful home again”, says Tim, the man who by the way, shot our very first cover of Hello May!

To see more incredible work from Tim, click here, here or here or visit our online directory where you can check out his portfolio and learn a little about the man behind the lens. Prefer to scope out his work in print? Well that’s easy too! Tim was the man responsible for the first ever Hello May cover, and although it has long since sold out you can scope out our cover stars Claire and Paul’s wedding here.

Want to get your hands on other back issues of Hello May before they sell out, simply click here and hit the ‘Buy now’ button on your issue of choice.

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