After a year of dating Brett proposed to Leah one magical summer evening and the rest, as they say, is history. Leah tells us “The lead up to the wedding is a blur – it was busy and fun and overwhelming at times, Brett was still producing a record and I was shipping my products to a store in London on the week of the wedding but that is life and we love it. We were keen to keep the main thing the main thing, keeping the focus on our marriage rather than just the wedding.”

‘The main thing’ as Leah so aptly describes it went off with out a hitch as they were married by celebrant Glen Cochrane at Mapleton Luxury Accommodation. When asked if they undertook any DIY Leah enthusiastically replies “WE MADE EVERYTHING!” but admits “for a laid back wedding it was still a lot of work!” She goes on to tell us “we decided really early on that we would collaborate with all our friends, we are inspired constantly by the creative community we live each day in and it was fun to see all the details come to life.”

Thos details were captured beautifully by wedding photographer (and all round legend!) Shane Shepherd! Once you have done taking in Leah and Brett’s awesome story you can scope out more of his work here, here and here in addition to issue eight of Hello May, on sale now and stocked in newsagents nationally as well as via Mag Nation’s online store.

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CREDITS Photos Shane Shepherd // Bridal gown Made by Leah’s best friend // Flowers Blossom & Twine // Rings Blazer Arts // Bridesmaids dresses Living Doll // Grooms suit Kenji via MYER // Bow ties Dorothy Love // Ceremony and reception Mapleton Luxury Accommodation // Catering The Rogue Rennard // Cake Mapleton Bakery // Candles KLAPPE // Crockery Wholehearted Studio // Stationery designer The bride // Hair NV Hair // Make up Rebecca Kate Makeup Artistry // Music Jarryd James // Celebrant Glen Cochrane // Cinematographer Joel Shaw // Lighting 2700k Vintage and Industrial Lighting.