The name Lilli Waters is a familiar one here at the Hello May office. The lady behind the lens at I Got You Babe Weddings (featured here and here), Lilli is one of our favourite photographers so, naturally, we were stoked to share her day marrying the love of her life, Jake.

Opting for not one – but two – weddings, a few months before their official big day, which they named ‘Boogiewed’, this pair spontaneously decided to elope first in gorgeous New Zealand.

“We were feeling a little nervous about getting up there in front of so many people, and booked everything in on a whim literally a month before it all happened! We had a moment afterwards of thinking ‘uh oh, what have we done?’, but we figured it goes by in a flash, so why not do it twice!”

After trekking up a magical, windy mountain (via an Over the Top helicopter – so awesome!) with photographer Oli of Briars Atlas and filmmaker She Takes Pictures He Makes Films to tie the knot.

“I cried for the entire 7 minute ceremony! I think we were able to truly be present up there on the mountain having it just us. We didn’t show any of our friends any pictures or really let it out of the bag until our actual wedding day, even though we told our friends what we were doing. I think it made Boogiewed less nerve-wracking.”

Though Lilli and Jake’s Boogie wed was the best darn party they’d ever had – complete with dancing until 7am – the couple tells us they have no regrets about their amazing destination nuptials.

“We’re really glad we decided to elope two months before the wedding. We thought of the idea and then literally booked it all in just a month beforehand, it was spontaneous and romantic.”

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CREDITS Photos Briars Atlas // Elopement gown Vintage via Clara Fox Bridal // Helicopter Over the Top // Cinematographer She Takes Pictures He Makes Films.