With her gorgeous Jenny Packham gown and his sweet hand-shaking skills, this was one wedding that rocked our world. Not to mention the batman cake topper! And therefore Liz and Nich, one of our lovely couples from Issue Three, are our pick for this week’s Throw Back Thursday.

It took the universe a little while to bring these two crazy cats together. Liz and Nich both grew up in Armidale and lived one street away from each other. He went to the local boys school, she went to the local girls. They had many a common friend, but somehow never crossed paths.

Unaware of the other’s existence, they each moved to Sydney and went about their daily lives. Then one random evening, at a pub in Double Bay, they were introduced by Nich’s cousin. Once they met, the rest, as they say, is history.

After seven years together Liz and Nich set about planning their £rustic country wedding in the middle of the city—. The Grounds, in Sydney’s Alexandria, was the perfect backdrop for this. £The Grounds feels like a place for friends and family to gather,— said Liz. £It’s a little private hideaway and unlike anywhere else in Sydney. Our first meeting with the event staff sealed the deal. They knew exactly what we wanted, were enthusiastic and didn’t make us feel like our wedding was just another event.—

£Nearly all the decorations, besides the flowers and already established dû?cor of The Grounds was DIY. We did not want to sink our hard-earned money into all the inflated costs of a Sydney wedding. I designed the invitations and had them printed (inspired by this Daisy & Jack invitation). All the twine binding, envelope inserts and crest seals were done by my husband and I one night over dinner and a movie.— Liz even baked their wedding cake herself. Impressed? We sure were!

The good folk of And A Day Photography were charged with the task of capturing Liz and Nich’s wedding day, and boy-oh-boy what a beautiful job they did. Liz only wishes they had left more time for photos. Some worthy advice, no doubt, for all brides- and grooms-to-be reading this.

Liz also advises, £we had talked about eloping when we were engaged, because the stress and cost of a wedding sometimes felt like it couldn’t be worth it. But what we didn’t realise was that we weren’t spending all that time and money on planning a party. You basically buy yourself the most emotional day of your life. Nothing could have prepared us for just how intense the day would be. Saying your vows in front of your friends and family, sharing in that moment with them, the love that you get flooded with the whole evening  it was unlike anything either of us ever expected. We had to make a conscious effort to remember what was going on. It went by faster than any other night of our lives, and we are still remembering things that happened. It was just the most perfect day.— With XYDJ, one of our fave Sydney DJ’s, keeping guests moving on the dance floor, we wholeheartedly agree!

If you missed out on all the other delightful weddings featured in issue 3, you can still grab a copy here, or start your collection with issue 6, on sale now! To find out your nearest stockist, click here.

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CREDITS Photos And A Day Photography // Bridal gown Jenny Packham // Veil Unveiled Bridal Designs // Shoes Jimmy Choo // Flowers Garlands Florist // Jewellery OneLifeJewellery via Etsy // Cufflinks Oroton // Bridesmaids dresses Zara // Grooms suit J.H. Cutler and Mr Porter (shirt) // Ties Saint Laurent // Ceremomy, reception, catering and styling The Grounds of Alexandria, NSW // Hair and makeup Haley Dutton // Music XYDJ // Celebrant Jessie Cacchillo // Cake topper GooseGreaseUndone via Etsy // Gift bags Blank Goods