When planning their day of days, Lizzi and Gerard had a pretty simple vision: a day that was a great fun party for all of their loved ones with heaps of delicious food and drinks.

That’s where Green Park Dining came in – the awesome Melbourne venue where these lovebirds hosted their celebration of love.

“From the first time that we went in to the venue and spoke with one of the owners, Jamie, we knew that Green Park Dining would be the place for us  everything they serve is of beautiful quality and the space is gorgeous.

The day also featured a boatload of other awesome vendors including celebrant Fiona Garrivan, Tori Allen Events and designer Scanlan Theodore, who helped Lizzi score the dress of her dreams.

“I put it in the cupboard and didn’t look at it again for the next 6 months, and then pulled it out the week before the wedding and remembered why I loved it  it was the perfect fit for my personality and the relaxed vibe of the day that we had planned,” says the bride, who hired Hello May fave I Got You Babe Weddings, to capture the day.

“I found Lilli on Insta and loved her calm and candid style – and were so glad to find that she was available for our wedding day.”

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