In the midst of planning their New South Wales wedding, Louise and Nick stopped and realised they were getting away from their original vision for the day, so they wiped the slate clean and started a new. Pretty ballsy if you ask us.

“We really wanted the wedding to reflect our lives together. We wanted it all to feel natural to us on some level,” explains Louise, who decided on a close-to-home celebration featuring some of their local favourites like Bourke Street Bakery and Papa Pasticceria.

Held at The Grounds of Alexandria, the couple’s go-to coffee shop on the weekends, the bride rocked a Karen Willis Holmes gown and hair and makeup by beauty legend Liv Lundelius, who Louise raved about amongst other talented vendors, like Shane Shepherd and Sydney Celebrant.

“You really do spend a lot of time with your vendors on your wedding day, and for that reason we consciously chose vendors we really liked as people too. Being a bit of a perfectionist in some ways I struggled to follow my own advice, but really try to forget the small details that don’t go to plan and enjoy the day,” says Louise, who swore by Hello May in finding her crew of vendors.

“Hello May became my bible in the lead up to the wedding! Pretty much all my inspiration came from Hello May and of course, Pinterest.”

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CREDITS Photos Shane Shepherd // Bridal gown Karen Willis Holmes // Lingerie Huit // Shoes and accessories Nordstrom // Hair and makeup Liv Lundelius // Rings Larsen Jewellery // Bridesmaid dresses Josh Goot, Zimmermann, Review and Alannah Hill // Bridesmaid gifts The Daily Edited // Suit Country Road // Shirt MJ Bale // Tie J.Crew // Tie clip and cufflinks Ben Sherman // Shoes Calibre // Socks Calvin Klein // Watch and groomsmen ties Myer // Florist and cake topper Florals By Silva // Printer Carbon 8 // Ceremony, reception and catering The Grounds of Alexandria, NSW // Cake Bourke Street Bakery and Papa Pasticceria // Decorative elements Holy Kitsch // Celebrant Sydney Celebrant.