First seen in Issue 17 – just before making the move from Australia to London, Jake booked a trip to one of his and Madeline’s favourite places in the world, Stradbroke Island (keeping a certain special piece of jewellery in mind). £I thought it was just a normal trip, Jake had booked an old fishing shack online – but when we went to the whale watching tower above the house, it was revealed that there was more to the plan. Jake had organised our friends Sarah and Jeremy to come ahead of us, and had completed decked the tower out with wildflowers, candles and a range of seafood, cheese and champagne! It was such an amazing night, drinking champagne and eating oysters looking over a moonlit ocean,— remembers Madeline, who had a pretty straightforward vision in mind for their day of days.

£We didn’t have a theme, but our vibe was an amazing location, good people, good food and good wine. I think there are a lot of aspects to a modern wedding that are confusing and overwhelming. A lot of people tell you to do things a certain way, stick to a certain tradition, do your photography or video in a specific style. It can get really stressful trying to please everyone. Our advice and approach is to figure out what aspects are important to you, then go with your instinct on it.—

For Madeline, a stylist, fashion was a huge aspect of the day. Her gown of choice? An exclusive (and absolutely stunning) Chloe gown from Harrods – one of which only a limited number were made. £Being a stylist, you’d think I’d have everything planned and organised from the get-go, truth being told, I put it off for months! My problem was, there was always a new collection showing or an amazing new designer emerging and I just didn’t want to miss out. I basically couldn’t decide, what kind of bride did I want to be?’—

With so many amazing options at hand, Madeline’s struggle was understandable – should she go traditional? Super feminine? Bohemian…or something else? The possibilities were endless! But after trying on an array of many beautiful gowns, something was still amiss. £Something still wasn’t right… Even though each dress was stunning, I still felt like I was in a fancy dress. I decided to go to Harrods one last time before making a decision, which is when I saw the Chloe gown. At first I wasn’t sure because it wasn’t traditional, but as soon as I put it on, it felt like a dream! I knew then and there, I had found something special, unique and 100% me.—

With their celebration of love now behind them, Madeline and Jake are grateful to have these beautiful photos by Janneke Storm to remember it by and tell us that they can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. £I feel like marriage and love is really intangible, and to put it into words sort of does it injustice. Both of us feel like we’re incredibly fortunate to have found each other, we’re best friends and look forward to spending our whole lives together.— Aww.

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CREDITS Photos Janneke Storm // Event planner / Stylist and florist Two Little Rows // Stationery The Broader District // Printer Rogue Print // Ceremony and reception Point Lookout Community Hall, QLD // Catering Eat Drink Catering // Lighting / sound hire Andrew Taylor Music // Rings Holly Ryan // Bridal gown designer and shoes Chloe // Bridal Boutique Harrods // Robes / getting ready tees Zimmermann // Lingerie Calvin Klein // Hair and makeup Marnie Rappell // Suit Dries Van Noten // Shoes Aldo // Barber / grooming Thy Barber.