Every legendary love song is inspired by something, or more often someone. And we’re putting dibs on this breathtaking, New Zealand wedding being the motivation behind some lyrical genius’s next big hit. Why, you ask? Well, looking at these dreamy images by photographer Fiona Andersen we think the answer’s quite clear.

Honouring their strong christian faith, Madeline and Jonothan were married at Thurlby Domain before continuing celebrations at Peregrine – a majestic winery set in Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. “Jonathan and I both love and believe in God- his father married us (as he did both of Jo’s brothers), and we had communion together on our day as our last act as an unmarried couple”, tells Madeline, who wore a breathtaking Mariana Hardwick gown. Having been busy co-ordinating the arrival of 95 guests from Auckland and launching her own fashion label, Harman Grubisa, it was important for Madeline to avoid the stress of designing her own dress. “Too much to think about at a crazy time”, she says.

Having been together for seven years, two of those being long-distance, there were plenty of people with plenty of kind words excited to see these two tie the knot. “Our speeches were very honest and real and funny! They didn’t feel like a drag at all, they were actually really special, one of the boys that attended said he cried more at our wedding then he did at his own!”

MADS-and-JONO-0001_ MADS-and-JONO-0002_ MADS-and-JONO-0006_ MADS-and-JONO-0007_ MADS-and-JONO-0009_ MADS-and-JONO-0010_ MADS-and-JONO-0016_ MADS-and-JONO-0023_ MADS-and-JONO-0024_ MADS-and-JONO-0025_ MADS-and-JONO-0027_ MADS-and-JONO-0029_ MADS-and-JONO-0030_ MADS-and-JONO-0031_ MADS-and-JONO-0032_ MADS-and-JONO-0035_ MADS-and-JONO-0036_ MADS-and-JONO-0038_ MADS-and-JONO-0040_ MADS-and-JONO-0041_ MADS-and-JONO-0043_ MADS-and-JONO-0044_ MADS-and-JONO-0045_ MADS-and-JONO-0047_ MADS-and-JONO-0048_ MADS-and-JONO-0049_ MADS-and-JONO-0050_ MADS-and-JONO-0051_ MADS-and-JONO-0052_ MADS-and-JONO-0053_ MADS-and-JONO-0054_ MADS-and-JONO-0055_ MADS-and-JONO-0056_ MADS-and-JONO-0057_ MADS-and-JONO-0058_ MADS-and-JONO-0059_ MADS-and-JONO-0060_ MADS-and-JONO-0061_ MADS-and-JONO-0062_ MADS-and-JONO-0063_ MADS-and-JONO-0064_ MADS-and-JONO-0065_ MADS-and-JONO-0066_ MADS-and-JONO-0067_ MADS-and-JONO-0068_ MADS-and-JONO-0069_ MADS-and-JONO-0070_ MADS-and-JONO-0072_ MADS-and-JONO-0073_ MADS-and-JONO-0074_ MADS-and-JONO-0075_ MADS-and-JONO-0076_ MADS-and-JONO-0077_ MADS-and-JONO-0079_ MADS-and-JONO-0081_ MADS-and-JONO-0082_ MADS-and-JONO-0083_ MADS-and-JONO-0084_ MADS-and-JONO-0085_ MADS-and-JONO-0086_ MADS-and-JONO-0088_ MADS-and-JONO-0089_ MADS-and-JONO-0091_ MADS-and-JONO-0092_ MADS-and-JONO-0093_ MADS-and-JONO-0095_ MADS-and-JONO-0096_ MADS-and-JONO-0097_ MADS-and-JONO-0098_ MADS-and-JONO-0099_ MADS-and-JONO-0101_ MADS-and-JONO-0102_ MADS-and-JONO-0104_ MADS-and-JONO-0105_ MADS-and-JONO-0106_ MADS-and-JONO-0107_ MADS-and-JONO-0108_ MADS-and-JONO-0109_ MADS-and-JONO-0112_ MADS-and-JONO-0113_

CREDITS Photos Fiona Andersen Photography // Bridal gown Mariana Hardwick // Veil Lily Tan // Shoes Valentino // Flowers Estelle Flowers // Rings Naveya & Sloane and Satomi Kawakita Jewelry // Bridesmaids dresses designed by bride, made by Lily Tan // Grooms suit Zegna // Grooms shoes Dior // Groomsmen suits Zara // Ties Groom Crane Brothers // Ceremony Thurlby Domain, New Zealand // Reception Peregrine, New Zealand // Catering Artisan // Cake Mediterranean Market // Styling One Fine Day // Music Streets of Laredo // Celebrant Peter Kemps // Transport privately owned // Gift registry Mildred & Co.