Marni and Tom met in computer class on their first day of art school. £We dated for short stints back then but it didn’t really work,— said Marni. £We stayed friends and 10 years later, almost to the day, we finally got together.— Their romance culminated in a Ballina camping trip proposal and the whirlwind began.

Not even a little rain could dampen their wedding held in a quaint community hall in Yamba, a sleepy little coastal village in northern New South Wales. Marni and Thom tell us £the ceremony was originally meant to be held on Convent Beach, Yamba, but the weather had other ideas. We ended up moving the ceremony to our reception venue and we couldn’t have been happier.—They went on to fill their retro venue with what the bride termed a £DIY-fest—, creating a day of charming personal touches!

Inspired by Margaret Preston’s native florals, Marni and Thom wanted to channel a relaxed country wedding. £Thom and I chose the colours together on a Dulux paint wall at Bunnings! £The multi-talented Esther who did our flowers designed them to match the Margaret Preston; Australian Natives’ theme. I was so overwhelmed when they arrived because they were all my favourite flowers in one place.—

Wearing a Sarah Seven dress from the lovely folk at The Bridal Atelier and a gold banksia leaf hairpiece that she made herself using nothing but honest to goodness leaves, a can of gold spray paint and a can-do attitude, Marni was ever the stunning bride. And the shoes? £My mother originally wore my shoes on her wedding day 38 years ago. I had discovered them when I was a teenager and wore them to death. Mum found them in a clean up a few years back and restored them for me.—

Proving she has awesome taste in more than just frocks and shoes, Marni carefully selected the lovely Natalie McComas to shoot their wedding. Marni says, £Nat is an amazing photographer and we were so lucky to have her. She made two camera-shy introverts feel so comfortable.—

The couple designed their own stationery while the bride’s brother, Dan, used some iPod favourites to get the guests up and dancing. Along with DIY centrepieces, place settings and signage made to match their inspired vibe, the day was certainly a special one amongst their close family
and friends.

When asked about their favourite moment of the day, Marni says, £there were so many memorable moments  including forgetting to bring my vows  but the most memorable was walking into the hall on Dad’s arm into a sea of beaming faces. I got so overwhelmed that I made him stop
for a minute to calm my nerves. I looked up to the stage and saw Thom standing next to Mum (who’s a celebrant!) and felt a wave of joy and assurance that we could do this.—

Marni and Tom first featured in issue three of Hello May and, if like us, you’re a mad collector of pretty pictures and heartwarming stories, you can pick up a copy here. Also keep your eyes open for issue six, on sale now at your nearest stockist!

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CREDITS Photos Natalie McComas // Bridal gown Sarah Seven // Flowers Esther at The Pocket Espresso Bar // Rings Benchmark Studio and Kellies Antiques // Grooms suit Stuart Suit Specialists and Country Road (shirt) // Grooms shoes and tie Asos // Ceremony and reception Chatsworth Island Memorial Hall, NSW // Catering EatDrink Catering // Cake Avant Garde Patisserie // Hire Lismore Party Hire //Hair Ally Joy // Makeup Babes in the Woods // Celebrant Kay Franks